Stonehouse Trails rustic trails for rustic riders... Location

Stonehouse Trails is located in Catron County,  physically one of the largest counties in the USA  with one of the sparsest populations.  But what it lacks in people it more than  makes up for  with elk!  Plus we are in the middle of trophy elk country.  

Western New Mexico is full of cowboy heritage.  Just a trail ride away  you can explore incredibly well preserved  petroglyphs, as well as remains of pit houses and if you look hard, you may find pottery chards, arrow heads or elk sheds.

There are regular ropings , gymkhanas and a polo club locally.

Only 35 miles from the Arizona state line, we are an easy 5 hour drive from Phoenix through the white mountains.

To the NE of us , its just 3 hours to Albuquerque.

5 minutes drive from the Stonehouse Native American Petroglyphs Rodeo In Reserve Elk in the  National Forest